Real Estate Services

Whether it’s a sudden and unique situation or a long term goal, we offer products, services, and guidance to investors and owners.

Investment Consulting

Put our experience and relationships to work for you. If you have questions about any aspect of Real Estate ownership, investment, or management, we are your one stop shop. We have seen it all and can help you get through it. Don’t go it alone.

Investment Analysis

We are Real Estate investors and owners. We have a proven method of identifying and analyzing properties and navigating the purchase process.

If you are looking to get into the world of Real Estate investment or are an owner looking for a new angle, give us a call: 516.479.8400

Real Estate Management

With nearly a decade of management experience, we know that Owners, first and foremost, want a relationship based on trust. We stand on the frontlines and don’t shy away from hands-on management. As Owners ourselves, we respect the expectations of Landlords, Tenants, Supers, Vendors, and Contractors, and we are expert jugglers. We know to pay attention to the details, but always focus on the big picture.

Real Estate Law

Buying. Selling. Leases. We make it easy and affordable. There are plenty of head-scratching costs and fees associated with Real Estate ownership – but we refuse to be added to that list. Using us just makes sense. In addition to the day to day legal issues that arise between Landlords and Tenants, we can also handle your condo conversions, Article 78 proceedings, and co-op matters.